Monday, June 21, 2010

its been a while...

Its been a while... a while, since many things.. a while since i ve felt the adrenaline rush of a victory hard fought, a while since I ve laughed till my sides hurt, a while since I ve felt the pangs of grief so deep that I feel the leaden weight that settles on the soul.. a while since I ve seen, heard or felt something so beautiful that it seems to touch a part of me deeper than I knew existed.. and more importantly, its been a while.. a while, since I truly felt inspired, a while since I truly felt sure has been a while..

The past few weeks have flowed by in a lazy stupor of comfort and languidness. I miss the cold touch of the wall against my back, the rush of pride in rising up to a challenge, the sweetly sour taste of tears of joy. I miss the dull ache of my legs after a grueling football match, the sight of the bulging net after I score. I miss the thrill of setting foot on unexplored territory, the joy in meeting new people. I miss the creative fulfillment of writing, the fun of film-making; I miss the power of new ideas, the strength of old ones; I miss him, I miss her, I miss you.

These days were fun, a cosy interlude in a confused life. But today I feel, the confusion is what makes me who I am, the motley of interests are what keeps me alive. Albeit a little confused, but alive.

Its time. Its time.. to wake up.