Monday, September 10, 2007

A poem....

The Lighthouse

Like a sandy beach, pristine,
The mind stretches on...
Many a footprint left behind,
From the crowd that thronged it;
Many a castle built of sand,
Testimony to the day's antics;
But slowly.,it begins to rouse,
From its slumber, the ocean of time,
The tide grows high as the waves kiss,
The shore it had so dearly missed.
So overwhelming, their passion that,
The footprints they erase,
The castles they demolish;
Its foamy fury unleashed
That someone dared spoil
The virgin beauty it held its own.
And leave behind, it does,
A beach almost as good as new.
But try as they may, they just cant
Fell the lighthouse that stands tall
Facing nonchalantly the wrath and fury.
Roaring they rush, and crashing they fall,
The mighty ocean humbled,
By just a few pieces of brick and mortar.
And thus it stands for all eternity,
Casting its beam, into the darkness of time,
Illuminating the past,Lighting the future...



pramod said...

well.. :o

wat's that all about.. is it on the topic that you promised?..
or do u want me to interpret it?....

pramod said...

wat's that light house..?

er.... hope...?
belief?.. or future itself?..

pramod said...


isn't the poem about how time removes all scars of mind.. and

may be....about how brittle today's relationships are... n how time just makes forget even the best things or persons in your life...?

pramod said...

and yaar..
"leaves behind a beach
as good as new"

well.. hehe.. this is one new thing no one would queue up for.....

well.. thats my perspective..coz i am someone who lives on and feeds on memories...

amal said... u said...intrepreting poetry is purely personal...if tat is wat it means to you then great :)... maybe tats wat i meant... then again maybe not ;)

pramod said...

unless what the waves washed out were something thats better wen its forgotten...... mmmm...

Anonymous said...

just stumbled upon ur blog...brilliant poem.... can't really say the same about ur comment.... seemed a bit too 'vetti-scene'ish (sorry, abt the tanglish, but some phrases just lose their charm when translated)

amal said...

thanks a lot dela!! to get such a comment from a person of UR stature means a lot!!

ThEiNdIaNgAl said...

amal.....where u thinking of any particular memory that stands tall like the light house?