Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the could-have-beens...

A mistake.
The could-have-beens.
The dead feeling at the pit of the stomach.

Life has this funny way of making you look back at it and wonder how things would have turned out "if-only" somethings had turned out the way they could have, would have,...should have.
And it doesnt stop with that. The mind wanders, like a leaf caught in a rainstorm. It flies in to the darkest recesses of the memory and brings back memories- sad, painful, guilt-ridden. And it starts to question whther all those things in ur life which rather not have happened would have hapened if its previous such twist of fate had not happened?!
And it has this way of knocking surprises down ur path. Just when u think its all smooth sailing and u are cruising along lifes highway with the top down basking in the sun, u feel the sharp cold tingle of a raindrop on ur skin. And before you know it, its pouring down heavily and the roof is stuck and cant be closed.
And the chill in your bones more real and much more stronger than the warmth ever was.

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