Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter to the Me, ten years down the lane

Ten years down the line, when I read this post, I want myself to be able to say "yes" to each one of these:

I should :
1. Still be in shape. Not even a hint of a belly!
2.Still be playing football regularly.
3.Travelling to a new country once every two years.
4.Taking a trip every two months.
5.Keeping at least one day per week for doing something I love, other than my work.
6.Be involved in socially responsible activities.
7.Still be blogging/writing regularly.
8.Still be in touch with old school and college friends.
9.Should have done scuba diving at least once.
10.Should have gone on a safri in Africa.
11.Should have done skydiving at least once.
12.Be taking up football coaching at least at school or community level.
13.Be settled in India.
14.Should have riden a motorcycle at more than 300 kmph.
15.Should be reading at least one book per month for pleasure.
16.Should ensure my children learn at least four to five languages( if i have them by then and they can learn by then :P ).
17.Should have seen a Bengal tiger in close quarters in the jungle at least once.
18.Should have camped a night in the depths of the jungle.
19.Should be active in wildlife photography.
20.Should still be taking steps rather than a lift to the office.


jegannathan said...

trust me man, u'd surely be able to do them :)

freelance_thinker said...

zero probability of the 17th one....

amal said...

@jegan : honored bro!

@freelance_thinker : Why not?! I thought that night be the one I will achieve the earliest! all i need is to go on a safari to corbett or kanha and maybe grease a few palms ! :D

mitesh said...

@amal: that is only if tigers exist by then... :)

btw, inspired man! don't know abt the rest but never break the 8th one.

mitesh said...
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amal said...

@mitesh : sigh.. i know! :( anyway guess i ll make sure i attempt that one pretty soon ;)

hehe.. of course buddy! :)

Rohan Rajiv said...

Thumbs up!