Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Lately , I have been vegetating(for want of a better word) in this state of languorous idleness. I feel like I am floating in this stupor of domestic comfort, curling up in the warmth of the last days of vacation before I embark on what's going to be the single biggest adventure of my young life. The last few years have been a roller coaster ride and I must say I have come out with a smile at the end of it, although the stomach still churns at the twists and turns. And as I stand now and look at myself, I cant help but feel that this is it... this is the prime of my life.. i am never gonna be as healthy, as energetic, as sharp and as driven as I am right now, right here...and that, my friends, is a scary thought, dont u think? to think that you've reaching the point in life, which for most people, is the defining edge, the junction where we have all these numerous roads branching out and the weighty decision of choosing among them hanging over us. And (again for most of us ), its that one road that will matter more than anything else you might do in your lives. All those childhood beliefs that we can be what we wanna be and anything is possible - this is it. In all likelihood, you will be doing what you choose to do now, for the rest of your life. Its this single decision that will most probably define your lives, your future, the people you will meet and the experiences that you will have. Scary? Indeed. But exciting? Yes.

And as I choose my road and brush the dust off my shoes and get ready to move on, I hope I will one day look back at this decision and reminisce at the wonderful journey that it had brought me on. On the other hand, as A says, maybe its about making the journey that you choose wonderful rather than mulling over it too much at the junction. Anyway, its great to be here... to be young.. to be strong.. to be driven..to be alive..and kicking :)


mitesh said...

Just the start of decisions, I think... Long life ahead and each turn has its own peril and adventure. I'm sure you'll shine through thick and thin.

All the best.

Bharghavi said...

definitely scary!!hope its exiting..its d time we should surely do something to become someone professionally..d phase which ppl regret or rejoice looking back..so do ur best!:)

amal said...

@mitesh: thanks man :)

@bhar: yeah.. good luck to u too :)