Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The trouble with dreams...

Its been just one day into the 30 day challenge, but I am already enjoying it immensely. Got in touch with Ay, AMC, J, AC, An and a senior whom I havent spoken to in four years ( i know that is slightly more than one, but who cares! ). And the best part is, he got in touch with me after reading about the challenge :) Today was great...there's something about catching up with old friends that seems to just life your spirits up.. which takes you to that special warm place where snapshots of the days gone by and the fun you had seem to swim in front of you for a while..its a strange but great feeling..Is it just me or do memories seem to be stored in the mind mostly in the form of pictures? Maybe its the overkill of pictures everywhere thanks to the digital camera, but when I look back at my past now, it seems to flash in my minds eye in the form of pictures, snapshots of life, love, laughter and tears. And the harder I think about it, the more they seem to fly about in a choreographed slideshow of frozen action scenes...The mind sure is a weird and wonderful thing...
I ve always wondered at its intricacies.. like, for instance, the way it concocts this elaborate and intricate web of reality and fools itself into believing in its validity when we dream.. The mental picture of one part of the brain (responsible for engineering this remarkable deception) rolling around in laughter watching the other part trying to make sense and survive in the illusion that it created is both wacky, and deeply disturbing.
And another thing about dreams... ever wondered how tat alarm bell or shake or fall that woke u up got so intricately and seamlessly woven into the plot of the dream? Classical dream theorists such as Nolan would suggest that its just the sub conscious adjusting to external stimuli but what if the explanation is not tat simple? What if, our mind actually can work backward in time while creating its version of reality? What if, the whole dream started with the stimuli that woke you up and worked backwards into the story in reverse time? Is there any reason that the unidirectional nature of time followed by the physical world should be extended into the metaphysical? Maybe that is the reason why the story seems so continuous.. And if by a huge stretch of imagination, we could in fact assume that this is true, what great ramifications this could have in our understanding or realisation of our ignorance in the way our mind processes information and constructs solutions? Could this ability to engineer a version of reality be harnessed to affect some tangible physical process? There are no end to these questions.. its the answers that are hard to come by... What do you think?

Maybe its the pitter patter of the rain outside my window or the increasingly complex dreams that I have been having, but my mind is abuzz with many more ramblings but I guess I better stop for now... cos I know when I close my laptop and sink into my inviting bed, a whole new world awaits me... and its an intellectual and creative adventure which I am loving :)

P.S: Thanks An, for all the motivation and quite undeserved praise. I was both flattered and shamed into posting today by you :D

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Vishnu said...

Theorists don't interest me anymore mahn.. I'd prefer executioners.. Nice post btw..